Prohibited Actions in the State of Ihram and their Compensation

Prohibited Actions

Its Expiation

  1.                  Wantedly Shaving, trimming or plucking Hair from Head or any part of Body.


If a person commits any of the five Forbidden actions (1st -5th) unknowingly or forgetfully then there is no Compensation. And knowingly if any one of these five actions is done, then compensation becomes obligatory. The compensation is to observe 3 days fasting (or) Feeding 6 Poor’s (or) perform Damm (Sacrificing a sheep). Tafseer Ibn Kathir for Qur’an. Surah Baqarah 2:196.







  2.                  Clipping Nails.

  3.                  Putting on Perfume. (It does not mean the fragrance of Tea or any Drink. It is regarding the fragrance of Perfumes)

  4.                  Masking the head with Cap, turban or any other cloth etc which touches the head. (For Men)

  5.                  Men wearing any kind of cloths which are tight and reveal the body shape. (For example shirt, inners, sweaters, Jackets, Trousers, Track pants etc)  Where as Women wearing Gloves and Niqab (Face Piece)


  6.                  Killing the wild animals or helping others in killing them.

The recompense is the like of what has been killed or staple food of equivalent costs should be given to the poor's or fast accordingly. [Surah Maida 5:95]

  7.                  Getting engaged or Helping others in it and Getting Married or helping others in it. 

Sincere Repentance should be done and he should Remarry.

  8.                  Kissing and / or Hugging the Spouse.

Sincere Repentance should be done.

  9.                  Having sexual intercourse with Wife.

If Intercourse is done before beating stones at Jamrah Kubra on 10th then the Hajj will be nullified. Still, the person will have to continue the remaining obligations of the Hajj.

A cow or a camel should be sacrificed and the meat is given to the poor’s of the Makkah. Again an obligatory Hajj becomes mandatory.  And if the intercourse is done after beating the stones at Jamrah Kubri on 10th then his hajj is correct but he has to perform Dum (Sacrificing a sheep). Muwatta Malik Book 20, Hadith 773 and Book 20, Hadith 834, Book 20, Hadith 863